Graphology | Signature Analysis

  • Our signature becomes our core identity where our handwriting can not reach. What we write our brain decides but how we write decides our subconscious mind. Thus how we write is a X-ray of our brain, thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, brought up, society we live in, education, thought process, so graphology is tool to understand a person. With the help of graphology we can analyze a person’s working pattern, social behavior, emotional situation, sex life, growth, career, etc. When we speak 15-20% brain works, but when we write, 80-90% brain occupies, so it is much easier to judge one’s personality by handwriting. We reveal the character and personality with strengths, weaknesses and abilities. We can analyze person, if we want desired change in any aspect of life or personality by working on his/her handwriting.

Graphology helps:-

  • To know your child’s hidden thoughts.
  • To know spouse better.
  • Make career choice.
  • Find potential of person.
  • Employee recruitment.