She is the founder of Genius-Brain academy. Experiencing parents and child relationship issues from so close since 10 years of successfully running a pre-school, she decided to move into this field. Being multi-tasker is a part of her personality. She believes that no single approach can develop individual’s mind and so she has been expertizing in the range of graphology, graphotherapy, handwriting improvement, mind training and counseling.

Her dedication, positive thinking and dream to do something different has made her successful women entrepreneur. Leadership is her core quality and that is the reason of her successfully running Genius-Brain academy since 2011.

Her life itself is an inspiring story for millions of ladies and housewives who thrive for success thinking that career comes to an end after certain age.

She is also an expert motivator and counselor for all age group, housewives, students, employees and for all those who wish to achieve desired goals in their life by enhancing their life skills and inheriting positive thinking along with help of graphology.

She has developed totally new and unique technique by combining all the therapies to work on mind, Body and soul to achieve desired goals which makes her standout in crowd. She believes in “Dreaming Big and Working Smart”.

She is grateful to her mentors Dr. Rajul Shah, Mr. Shyam Taneja and Mr. Rajesh Ramola who are experts in their respective field. She has also started “Write n win” campaign to spread awareness through people, depicting the effect of handwriting on one’s mind.